Driving on St Helena

Written on 21/06/2019
Inside St Helena


Driving on St Helena is on the left hand side of the road.  Newcomer’s can drive on a valid overseas driver’s license for three months within a year.  Drivers must be 18 years or over.  Drivers 70 and over will need to pass a medical exam.


Roads on St Helena are narrow and vary from two-lane to single-lane with passing bays.  Road etiquette requires vehicles going downhill to give way to upcoming traffic.


The national speed limit is 30 mph, residential areas are 20 mph with some areas 10 mph.

Keep it Friendly

It is good practice to use road courtesy.  A driving quirk on St Helena is a hand wave to other drivers as you pass by, even if you don’t know them!

Driving Under The Influence

The prescribed legal alcohol limit for driving with alcohol in your breath is 50 micrograms of alcohol per hundred millilitres of breath.

Drive Safe.