Public Toilets

Written on 21/06/2019
Inside St Helena


  • Top of main landing steps at the wharf. 
  • At the foot of Jacob’s Ladder. 
  • Duke of Edinburgh Playground, Market Street.

Rupert's Valley Beach:

  • Car park, land side of fortification wall

Ladder Hill: 

  • Top of Jacob’s Ladder, (turn right as you pass through arch entranceway)

Tomb Road: 

  • Approx 50m up the road from pathway entrance to Napoleon’s Tomb.


  • Longwood Green, near entrance to Longwood House.


  • Silver Hill, near Solomons Shop.

St Pauls: 

  • Plantation Stables, approx 50m  down main road from gate to tortoise viewing.
  • Rosemary Plain, near bus shelter above Guinea Grass

Half Tree Hollow:

  • Solomons Supermarket car park.


Note: Toilets may not always be supplied with tissue or hand wash.