Useful Things To Know

Written on 08/04/2023
Inside St Helena


There are no requirements for vaccinations for travel to St Helena, including Covid-19.  However, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travellers arriving from a yellow fever endemic area.


St Helena operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) all year round.

Dangerous Animals

There are no dangerous or venomous animals on St Helena, so you can explore the island stress-free.  There are however, centipedes and scorpions that can deliver painful stings.


English.  Although we St Helenians have our own distinct accent and dialect known as 'Saint.'


St Helena power sockets deliver 240V AC, frequency 50 Hz.  Appliances are fitted with British three-pin plugs.  Wall sockets include a switch controlling power supply, unlike sockets in some other countries.  If your country uses lower than an average of 240v you might need a converter.

Dietary Requirements

There are no Kosher or Halel foods on St Helena and vegan food is limited.