Returning St Helenians - Saint Status Letter

Written on 27/06/2019
Inside St Helena

St Helenians returning to the island for holiday or relocating, may be asked to show evidence of their St Helenian status.

St Helenians who are not normally resident on the island but still have St Helenian status will also be required to show appropriate evidence. Please note that the place of birth showing on a passport as St Helena is not sufficient evidence that Saint Status is held.

For either of the above cases, St Helenian status can be shown by a ‘permission to travel’ letter from the appropriate authorities, a Declaration of St Helenian Status Certificate or a Certificate of St Helenian status issued by the St Helena Immigration Control Board. Partners and children of St Helenians can apply for a Spouse of Life Partner Exemption Certificate or a Dependent Exemption Certificate.

If you do not have of any of the above documents, you will be treated as a visitor and may not be permitted to board the aircraft if you cannot show St Helenian Status or sufficient medical coverage.